La intimidad  (2010 - 2011)

"intimacy: private space of each person, from a physical, emotional and spiritual level".





































This project realized in Tokyo in late 2010, proposes a reflection about the value of intimacy. Defining the concept "intimacy" as the private space of each person from a physical, emotional and spiritual level. And how the mutual respect for this "space" is possible -beyond what the laws say- in a society that perceives that fact as a common good.

Surely the first images that come to mind of the Japanese capital, are seemingly chaotic crowds and urban highways which run with impunity between glittering and haughty skyscrapers. But there is another reality that goes almost unnoticed, where silence, stillness, respect for others and the community, are present permanently. A reality that this project wants to transmit.

This work is not meant be a documentary reflection of Tokyo's society, a complex and multifaceted society that can not be defined by a single idea or a single point of view. Neither the concept of "intimacy" as is presented here corresponds exactly to a Japanese cultural characteristic. Actually, the works of this series can be contemplated as visual metaphors. My intention has been to use some aspects of the city of Tokyo and Japanese culture, to raise a positive reflection and generate a debate about a topic that  interests me particularly: The respect of the feelings, thoughts and physical and vital space of each individual, in daily interaction with the other members of their society. Maybe by the time we are living, or perhaps by the time of my life that I'm living, more and more I'm sensitized to what we might define as a "sensory" or "emotional" pollution. That is, the countless violations or interferences that our "private space" suffers daily.

The idea of making a project about the concept of intimacy as I explain it here, came up a few years earlier, while I was in Tokyo working on two previous projects: Ashimoto and Kagami. Those days in the Japanese megalopolis I felt a level of "intimacy" unimaginable before for me, that is no related to the idea of loneliness, although from a Western perspective it may seem so. My "private space" remained intact during my stay in Tokyo. Nobody went through it without my permission. Not a single day, not for a moment. A feeling of peace and serenity slowly it was captivating me, motivating my return there at the end of 2010 to try to express this feeling into images.

This project was made possible by the award in 2010 of a research and creation grant in the visual arts section, by CoNCA (National Council for Culture and Arts, Generalitat de Catalunya).


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